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Consulting Services: Service 10

Employee Training & Assistance with Store Opening


If you've never opened a foodservice business before, you may not be aware of how hectic an opening can be! There will be dozens of details and decisions that will have to be made, vital last minute preparations, and challenges that will need to be overcome in the opening hours of your operation. Having personally opened nearly 100 coffee bars, and numerous restaurants, I understand the support that will be required to help get you through this exciting time, successfully!

This service involves bringing in one of our experienced consultants for 3 days at your location to facilitate employee training, assist with preparations for store opening, and help conduct a gala opening party, to help get your business started with a bang!

During this visit, you and your employees will learn and gain hands on experience in how to produce beverage and food items properly, provide good customer service, and maintain equipment and store appearance. Because it is estimated that up to 80% of the quality of an espresso beverage is directly associated with proper preparation, great emphasis will be focused upon understanding the fundamentals of producing a perfect shot of espresso, and a creating superior milk foam.

Laminated custom recipe guides for your beverage menu and products will be produced for you. These are invaluable, as they can be used where the beverages are prepared, providing a quick reference guide, and insuring beverage consistency. Opening and closing employee check lists will be custom tailored to your operation to assist you in the management of these employee functions. A CD Rom of administrative form will be also be provided, as well as counsel on how they should be used in order to help you get your operational systems in place.

* Purchasers of this service shall also be responsible for expenses for consultant's airfare, lodging, meals, & home airport parking.

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