Saturday, February 17, 2018 CONTACT

The E&C Consulting Advantage

Assisting with store opening

There are many companies that promote themselves as "coffee consultants". While some can teach you how to prepare an espresso beverage properly, few possess actual hands on experience with starting and operating a retail coffee business. Even fewer have had experience, or a record of success in turning around distressed businesses.

My experience began in the trenches. I've opened and operated food service businesses for 17 years, and have helped others do the same for that past 15 years. I understand what it takes to both set up, and run a profitable business, because I've done it multiple times. I can help position your business for success, and guide you towards profitability.

Many of the "so-called" consultants in our industry have a hidden agenda. Their primary business might be selling consumable products or equipment. They have an interest in you getting into the business so that they can profit by selling you merchandise, in addition to charging you for "expert" advice. The question you need to ask yourself is, "are they really qualified to help you?" Are they really looking out for your best interest, or their own?

At E&C there are no hidden agendas. I do not sell equipment, or consumable products. I don't profit from the recommendations I make to you. My advice is based strictly upon what will be best for your personal, and business situation. When I provide advice or make recommendations, I do so as if I were partnered with you in your business. I ask myself, "Would I make this decision if it were my money on the line?" I'm only successful when I've helped you to become successful!