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Consulting Services: Service 7

Menu Development & Pricing


What food and beverage items will you be serving from your café? How will they be organized and displayed on your menu boards, and what will you charge for them? Before you can contract a menu board fabrication or sign company to create your physical menu boards, you’ll need to have this information solidified, and on paper!

This service begins with the completion of a questionnaire in which you will list the items you plan to serve, and any preferred products (ingredients) you plan to use. We will then have a phone conference to gain a better mutual understanding of your concept, menu offerings, and intended preparation procedures. Recommendations about possible additions or changes to your intended menu will be offered, based upon current and upcoming trends, and what I have seen work best on a consistent basis over the past 15 years.

A sample menu will be created, formatted proportionately to your estimated menu board dimensions (based upon available space). Menu shall show menu categories, individual menu items, item descriptions (where necessary), suggested prices, font styles, lay out, colors, graphics, and recommended positioning of individual menu panels. Changes and adjustments can be conveyed by phone and/or E-mail, until your menu vision has been achieved.

Pricing will be competitive, geared towards your general market, and provide slight price advantage over the "big boys" of the industry. Prices supplied will produce accepted industry standard for gross profits on sales, if typical industry products and recipes are followed.

Simply send the finished menu files via E-mail to your menu board fabricator, make any final decisions about materials, colors and fonts, and have them produce the menu boards for your new coffee business!

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