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Ergonomic Store Design


This service includes coffee bar design and layout for your new business. Efficiency is the key! Making sure that the equipment your employees will be using is conveniently located for the tasks they will perform, will maximize efficiency and speed of service!

Most coffee businesses do a large majority of their daily business during several peak periods each day. Being able to maximize the number of customers you can service during these peak periods will help optimize your income. A good ergonomic design is essential to this goal!

Good design will allow multiple employees to work behind the bar when business is brisk; without conflict of workspace. Efficient placement of equipment will keep work areas condensed so that a single employee can easily access all equipment during slower times of a day, saving you labor! Good design not only includes where equipment should be placed on countertops, but also where space must be left for ingredients, tools, work and staging areas, etc. Good design also contributes to increased sales by placing pastries and impulse purchase items adjacent to the path of customer traffic, prior to the point of purchase. Good design will eliminate or minimize the hassles that may arise when you take your plans to the local bureaucracies, because they incorporate the features and standards that make them health department and ADA compliant.

This service requires an accurate, to scale, architectural blueprint (floor plan) of your intended business space to get things started. This can be sent electronically or by mail. We’ll send you a detailed questionnaire via E-mail, in which you can describe your business concept, desired features, decor, menu offerings, etc. After the information has been reviewed, we will have a phone conference to clarify important points, and discuss ideas that might add greater viability to your business concept.

A scale, pen and ink floor plan will be produced as a first proof, and will be E-mailed to you for review. This floor plan will show all partitions, fixtures, cabinetry, coffee & foodservice equipment, and furnishings. After you have had a chance to review the initial design, we will have a phone conference to provide explanations and clarifications about the design, answer any questions, and discuss desired changes. When an acceptable design has been achieved, the floor plan and all supporting drawings will be generated in auto CAD, and sent to you electronically upon completion.

Design package includes:

After starting one of the industry’s first coffee bar design services over 15 years ago, and having designed nearly 200 coffee bars, I can create an efficient, cutting-edge design for your coffee business. Because as a consultant, I have physically helped with the openings and employee trainings at nearly 100 coffee bars, I know exactly where things need to be to maximize efficiency. I not only design coffee bars, I work in them, and many of my valuable design insights could only be obtained by this firsthand experience.

(These plans may be sufficient to satisfy your local bureaucracy, however, the services of other design professionals may be necessary in some instances. Plans provide electrical and plumbing specifications for coffee and foodservice features only. Plumbing and electrical plans for HVAC, exterior signage, general area lighting, fire sprinkler system, alarm, telephone, cable, etc., are not included under this service. Any plans for structural changes to the building should be generated by a licensed architect or structural engineer. Once the first version of the space design as been provided, purchasers of this service are entitled to one set of major revisions, and one set of minor revisions, at no additional charge. Finished plans will be sent as PDF & CAD files via E-mail, plans can be printed out by most local printing/copy shops; if hard copies are required, add cost of printing, postage and a $50. handling fee to this service)

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