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Consulting Services: Service 4

Lease Review & Negotiation Coaching


While finding a great business location is a critical factor for success, the location you are considering may not be as great as you think! The terms of the lease may not be advantageous for you or your business model. Fully understanding the implications of a lease, it's rates and terms, and how they affect your chances for profitability, is essential! I can help you make good decisions about a location you might be considering signing a lease on, based upon prudent business parameters, not emotions. I will help you see the true potential and viability of the locations you are considering; beyond their curb appeal.

This service includes a full review of your written lease, with written recommendations for changes and modifications that will be advantageous to your business. Telephone coaching will be provided to discuss the implications of the proposed lease terms and provisions, and how they affect your chances for success. I will also provide you with precise negotiation strategies and coaching, based upon my 15 years of experience.

(service includes full review and phone/E-mail support for a maximum of 2 leases / locations)

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