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Consulting Services: Service 3

Location Selection Assistance: On-Site


Location! Location! Location! Perhaps the most important decision you will ever make in determining the future success of your new coffee business is the location. A great location can result in hundreds of daily customers, propelling your new coffee business to the success and profitability you envision. A mediocre or poor location can mean "slaving through" countess hours to just break even, or worse, losing your life savings.

I understand what makes a good location, and what to avoid. More important, I'm not emotionally involved in your business dream; I'm only dedicated to your potential for business success. A good consultant can help bring to light what the probable consequences might be for a proposed action or decision. My goal is to help keep you from making a bad decision!

I'll personally travel to your location to spend 2-days with you looking at potential locations, help identify viable areas within your community to look for locations, and teach you what to look for in a good location. I will assist you in meeting with property managers to explore possibilities, etc. (If less than 2 days of assistance will be necessary or possible, call to discuss rates).

* Purchasers of this service shall also be responsible for expenses for consultant's airfare, lodging, meals, & home airport parking.

Location Selection Assistance: Phone/E-mail


If hiring a consultant to make an on-site visit to validate your proposed location is not within your budget, this service is a good alternative! Using phone calls, E-mail, digital pictures, and demographic information, I can help you determine if the locations you are considering will be viable for your business purposes.

(up to 4 hours of phone & E-mail support)

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