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Consulting Services: Service 2

Business Plan Development (including R.F.P.s)


A formal written business plan will be essential to convey your business vision, and establish your personal professionalism, with property managers, lenders, potential investors, and bureaucracies. An impressive business plan will be a valuable tool for enticing property managers to want your business, and will also help you explain your proposed business when dealing with government entities. When this business plan is combined with the financial information in "Service 1," it completes the package that lenders and investors will expect to see.

The business plan includes information about the type of business you intend to create. This will include what you will be offering, who your customers will be, and why they will select you over your competitors. It will specify your business goals and philosophy (your mission statement), the type of employees you will hire, the "state of the industry", and your professional background. The business plan (without financial information from Service 1) is typically 12 to 20 pages, and incorporates stylish design and high quality graphics.

To the reader, the content of the plan will help reinforce any verbal points you have made about your proposed business during meetings, and answer other questions, that perhaps, weren’t even discussed. Beyond the information contained within, the actual physical appearance of your business plan can have an impact on the decision makers. You’ll only have one chance to make a good first impression! A concise, clean, "knock-out" business plan will project a professional image. (Remember, if your business plan doesn’t look professional, then why would anyone believe that anything else you do, will be done professionally?)

Creating your business plan begins with sending you a detailed questionnaire via E-mail, in which you can describe your business vision, and provide information about your unique market. We will then schedule a 1-hour phone conversation to go over the questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your proposed future business.

A first draft of the business plan will be sent to you via E-mail for approval and edits. Plan development service includes one set of major edits, and one set of minor edits, at no additional charge.

(finished plan will be sent as PDF via E-mail, plan can be printed out and bound by most local printing/copy shops; if hard copies are required, add cost of printing, binding, postage and a $50. handling fee to this service)

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