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Consulting Services: Service 12

Business Troubleshooting


If your business is floundering, if your operating capital appears as if it may run out before you will be able to achieve profitability, help is here! A significant portion of my 17-year food service operations career, and 15- year coffee-consulting career, has been spent troubleshooting existing businesses to help them achieve or improve their profitability.

Even the best manager can become "store blind" over time. Having a "fresh set" of experienced eyes to look at your business, objectively, can be invaluable. I can look at your operation not only as a first time customer might, but I'll tell you what is attracting customers, and what might be potentially repelling them as well.

I will travel to your location and spend 2-days observing your operation, asking questions, making suggestions, and re training your employees if necessary. Upon the conclusion of my visit, I will conduct a detailed oral briefing with you before departing, and will follow up within 7 days with a detailed written report and suggested action plan. A phone conference will be conducted after you have received the review/action plan so that all aspects can be explained, and any questions you might have will be answered.

The written report/action plan is typically 15 to 40 pages, and contains the following type of information:

(If you need help, but cannot afford a personal on-site visit, then check out my book, "Coffee Business Success in a Turbulent Economy", the next best thing to me being there!) * Purchasers of this service shall also be responsible for expenses for consultant's airfare, lodging, meals, & home airport parking; service includes up to 4 hours of post visit phone & E-mail support

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